Logging to SD card using MicroPython

Debugging MicroPython after removing the serial connection can be tricky. In this article, we will explore how to write your MicroPython print statements to a log file on a SD card for a typical ESP…
Published: January 7, 2022

Yarn/npm linking slow across volumes

Yarn (and npm) were getting exceptionally slow on my system. Rather than accepting the ever longer install times, I tried solving the underlying problem.
Published: July 30, 2020

Arduino serial plotter usage

The Arduino IDE offers a useful tool that allows you to plot numbers generated by your code directly within the interface.
Published: July 25, 2020

Coronavirus spread animation

Map showing spread and infection rate of Coronavirus (2019)
Published: February 28, 2020

Custom Nunjucks tag

Custom Nunjucks tag to highlight code with Highlight.js
Published: December 5, 2019

Pi 4 on/off button

Turning the Pi on and off is a bit of a hassle. So let's add a push button to turn it off and on.
Published: November 20, 2019

Marker detection pipeline

Using the IR light source and IR filters we now have a clear separation of signal and noise from our camera. Now we can get to the task of detecting marker positions.
Published: November 13, 2019

IR pass filters

To get a good signal it is easiest to get rid of most if not all visible light. We'll look at IR pass filters that make our IR LED ring light stand out more from the background.
Published: October 28, 2019

Modifying security camera IR LED ring

Identifying a marker in an image is done by having it reflect infrared light back to the camera. For this to work, a IR light source should be close to the camera. The most common solution is to put…
Published: October 23, 2019

Picamera realtime high fps processing

A key element to good motion capture is a high capture rate. We'll look at how we can capture high frame rates while having CPU power remaining for further processing.
Published: October 22, 2019

Raspberry Pi NoIR camera marker tracking

There is a variant of the Raspberry Pi camera without an infrared (IR) filter. This allows imagery in low light situation and can capture images outside of the human vision. We'll take a detailed…
Published: October 16, 2019

Python asyncio pipeline setup

Python asyncio can be quite tricky to work with. We'll look at constructing a very basic pipeline to help with those IO heavy jobs.
Published: July 25, 2019

pg_restore version mismatch "PROCESSING TOC" error

Recently I ran into an error when restoring a Postgres database dump which was hard to pin down. The cause was a version mismatch between the pg_dump command and pg_restore command.
Published: April 30, 2019

Nunjucks async filter optional arguments

If you want a thumbnail generating filter in Nunjucks you'll probably run into some problems. We'll run through an async filter example. The filter will handle optional arguments and we'll look at…
Published: December 9, 2018

Custom component highlight bookmarklet

A good way to get a feel for a web application is to first figure out the component hierarchy. To aid in understanding the component structure we will create a simple bookmarklet that highlights…
Published: April 25, 2017

Convert old site to static site

Having to maintain old servers serving old sites is horrible. You don’t want to take down the old site that is still drawing a few visitors but you also don’t want to cough up the server costs and…
Published: October 15, 2016

MicroPython for your cat (WiPy food dispenser)

To my knowledge there are two ways to feed a cat:
Published: July 25, 2016

WiPy getting started

Recently I created a cat food dispenser using the Python programmable board, the WiPy. While working on that I noticed that the device requires quite some initial setup to get started. We will go…
Published: July 18, 2016

Django Markdownify

For your users to have a degree over styling and semantic power you need some form of rich text. In certain parts of our project site we allow user Markdown input. Up till now that input was parsed…
Published: April 11, 2016

URL fragments Django

If you are a Django web developer you surely have found the need to use the sites domain name or absolute URL in a template. Django has a lot of functions and META keywords to do just that, but the…
Published: November 28, 2014

Static social share buttons

Sick of the bloated social media buttons? Well, you should. They are a real performance hit!
Published: November 19, 2014